Hafele America Wall-Mounted Ironing Board Review

Hafele America Wall-Mounted Ironing Board Review

College dorms aren’t known for having a whole lot of space. Because of this shortage of space, many college students forego ironing their clothing.

While this may not be a problem for some, it can be problematic when you have an important meeting or presentation and you want to look your best. That doesn’t have to be a problem anymore when you purchase the Hafele America Wall-Mounted Ironing Board.

In our review, we’re going to go a little more in depth about the features of the Hafele America Wall-Mounted Ironing Board, and we are also going to give you a look at what people who have bought the ironing board had to say about their experience with it.

Then, we’re going to give you our opinion on whether or not this ironing board is something you would want buy purchasing for your own dorm room!

About The Product

Hafele America created a wall mounted ironing board that is so compact, it will lay flat against the wall when it is folded up. The total length of the ironing board measures a total of 39 inches, giving you plenty of space to iron shirts, slacks, pillow cases, and dresses with no problem at all.

Hafele America Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

The ironing board itself is made from stainless steel and it is covered in a white epoxy coating. The board is then covered in a cloth cover that will protect your clothing while you’re ironing.

Notable features of the Hafele America Wall-Mounted Ironing Board include:

  • Easily mounts to your wall
  • Board measures 37-3/8'' L x 11-7/8'' W
  • ​Constructed of steel with white epoxy coating
  • ​Comes with one cloth ironing board cover
  • Board swivels 90 left and right, and locks in place in any position.

You’ll find that when you go to install the Hafele America Wall-Mounted Ironing Board, it is quite heavy, thanks to its robust steel construction. For that reason, you may need help installing the board.

You also will want to make sure that that it is secure when you are attaching it to studs in the wall. There are six holes (three on each side) where you can screw the unit to the wall.

The nice thing about this wall unit is that it can be locked into place, but it can also swivel 90 degrees in either direction, making it usable to right handed people and left handed folks alike.

You will want to make sure that you’re installing the unit in a space where there is at least 45 inches on both sides so you have enough room to work.

What People Had To Say

When looking at what people had to say about the Hafele America Wall-Mounted Ironing Board, there were many folks who were happy with this low profile ironing board. Of these positive reviews, people were impressed by how substantial the ironing board was.

They did mention that they did not use the drywall anchors that were supplied. To ensure that the unit was secure to the wall, several people used an oak 1x8, secured that to the studs, and then secured the ironing board to the oak plank.

Hafele America Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

While this may be an extra step for some, it is a good solution if your studs do not line up with the holes on the ironing board.

Other customers were pleased by how useful the ironing board is. They like that when it is folded up, it sits nicely against the wall. They also enjoy being able to swivel the ironing board because it allows them to work at any angle comfortably—even if they are a left handed user.

While there were many positive reviews about this unit, there were some customers who had a few issues and concerns with it. Of these critical reviews, the most common problem people found was that the hinge on the ironing board wasn’t strong enough to support the weight.

This would cause the ironing board to sag in the middle before it eventually breaks. Customers contacted customer service and learned that this wasn’t considered a defect in the board, which would lead one to believe the board was only good for a short time.

Other concerns people had with the board was the cover for it was wrinkled and made it “impossible” to iron thin fabrics on. People also didn’t like that the installation instructions weren’t detailed and that because it was so heavy, it required two people to install it.

Our Recommendation

If you’re looking for a wall-mounted ironing board that is going to save space, then the Hafele America Wall-Mounted Ironing Board is a great option. The board can be used in all types of living situations, be it a dorm room, an apartment, or any room where you do your ironing.

Hafele America Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

The ironing board is made from stainless steel, so you can bet that it is going to be able to withstand the heat and steam from the iron without any problems.

If you live with a left handed person, they can do their own ironing with this board because it swivels 180 degrees (90 degrees in each direction). Also, because the ironing board is fixed in one place, you don’t have to worry about it wobbling or rocking while working, unlike the traditional ironing board that your mother may have used.

We like this particular ironing board because it is so compact and it can be put anywhere. While there were some concerns about how secure the unit is on the wall, you can take that extra step of attaching a heavy board to the wall and then attaching the ironing board to that.

When you’re working with a hot appliance like an iron, you’re going to want to make sure that the ironing board is sturdy and there won’t be any accidents.

All in all, we think that the Hafele America Wall-Mounted Ironing Board is a great option for college students and homeowners alike.

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